The Tremendous Difference Having Access to a Community of Like Minded Experts Can Make – Ugurus 10k Bootcamp

Over the past several months I've been participating in a highly active community of web experts. This opportunity came to me in the form of an email marketing campaign where I put my email address into the website. I wound up on the website looking for a simple proposal template to help me in my own sales process. Little did I know that just 5 months later I would be part of a hugely successful group of some of the most elite web professionals in the world.

I watched a webinar hosted by Brent Weaver talking about the course he was offering called 10k Bootcamp. Immediately following the event I was totally hooked. The webinar addressed key pain points myself and my business partners had been experiencing in our own business. I discussed the course with my partners and immediately signed up.

The premise of the course is to help correct small mistakes that can make a big difference in my own web business. During the duration of the course weekly meetings are had between yourself, your mentor, and the other members of your small group. These meetings became invaluable to me. I finally had a place to discuss my own issues with others who have already been through them as well as offer some of my own insight to their problems. I don't know if I'll ever be able to fully comprehend the value the community has offered to me, but I can say with confidence that they have completely changed the way I do business.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to meet in person with a group of 10kr's, without hesitation I RSVP'd for the event and was on my way up to Los Angeles. I arrived and was instantly welcomed by an awesome group of people. Within minutes we were discussing key aspects of our business, offering valuable insight, and growing friendships. I've found a place where I can interact with my mentors and peers and truly grow in my own business through a community of like minded professionals.

I want to offer a quick shout-out to my mentor, Sheldon, for the hard work and dedication he put into helping me during my time taking the 10k course. I also want to offer a shout-out to Jen for taking time out of her busy schedule to offer me extra advice to help grow my business. Together you two have truly impacted my business and made me feel incredibly welcome in the uGurus community. I also want to offer a quick thank you to all of the people I've met and who have become friends who have drastically changed my business mindset.

The premise of having a group that you can be a part of in your own business endeavors is truly one of the best things I can recommend for any entrepreneur or business owner. I suggest searching for or creating a place that is unique to your niche and joining up with others, not to compete, but to help each other succeed in your industry. A community of sharing ideas and thoughts will help address your own business pains and turn them into some of your greatest areas for success.

Picture credit goes to Alexander Mora - AMPhotography. Thanks so much for providing a spot where we could all meet up last week Alex!

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