Advertisers, this one is for you. You can Bid for Phone Calls in Google Adwords

Advertiser, this one is for you. You can Bid for Phone Calls in Google Adwords

As an advertiser, you may want to target a certain group of people using specific devices, people living at a certain time zone or location.  The adjustment done on Google AdWords is the perfect solution! It is useful in increasing and decreasing the frequency of ads on the basis of devices, time or location.

If you’re not familiar with this feature don’t freak out

This feature is easy to use. For example, a plumbing business might be targeting those living nearby because plumbing problems always need to be dealt with swiftly.  On the other hand, if you’re running a restaurant & offering a buffet, increasing frequency of your ad during the evening hours will be important.

This is not for everybody

Bid adjustment calls for increased work rate because if you are targeting specific devices, for example 3 different devices, you will need to work harder especially if you’re working on your own.

Do you have a team?

For those having teams to handle the bid adjustment, we have good news for you! Google is making it possible for you to add bid adjustments for phone calls. This is very good for businesses with the capability to answer phone calls. A phone call will always be the best call to action because it connects you with your prospected customers instantly and on a personal level. This boosts your conversion rate significantly.

To understand how it works, click here or watch this video by Google to get some insights and a good demo to explain everything in details.

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