Google is making things even better with the new search filter

Google has been among the companies, which place a lot of value on its customers. That is the reason it is introducing more exciting features to improve user experience. Through its introduction of local search filters, which allows or the sorting of results according to price, operation hoursnd ratings, Google users have been experiencing better results. Automatic application of these filters is making user lives even more exciting.

User Convenience

User convenience is at the heart of every Google employee.  The Google search engine has been configured to make it possible for the users to get the most relevant results for their search queries without any need to apply filters. Isn’t that amazing?

Does this have any Drawback?

Yes, to those businesses lacking good online reputation. Online visibility is important for businesses and with Google automatically filtering the businesses rated 4-star and above, it is obvious that there are many businesses risking entirely missing out on online visibility. In many cases, Google users are accustomed to searching the best business organizations using phrases such as “Best restaurants” or “Best apartments”. This means that it will be difficult for organizations rated lower than 4 stars to have any significant local search presence.

It is an Opportunity to Less Popular Businesses!

I know many might consider this change to be a threat, but it is actually a golden opportunity to many businesses especially the less popular. Through the use of reviews & maintaining consistency in updating the information, these upcoming businesses will still be outstanding and will share the same platform with those at the top.

The New Filters

The best of everything: Through the addition of the word “best” before every keyword, users will be able to filter results automatically. Searching ‘best restaurants’ will filter only those restaurants rated 4-stars or higher and this will influence how businesses are ranked.

Open Now: Even the best restaurant is useless to a customer when it is closed especially when the customer needs to order ASAP. This is a great filter for the identification of the open restaurants. Just by typing “restaurant open now” your Google search results will show only the open restaurants within your locality.

Time to enjoy Best Dining: By typing “fancy restaurants”, Google is able to show the most expensive within your area.That could be exciting for your first date or anniversary, right? Maybe, you might be interested in filling your tummy without breaking the bank. The solution for you is simple; just type “cheap restaurants” or “budget restaurant”.

Focusing on the Bigger Picture

Focusing on the bigger picture, it is easy to realize that Google is moving towards an advanced search experience. The results of every search will most likely be what the user intended to search. Currently, there has been a 46% rise in the total number of local searches and there are no signs of that reducing. In fact, local searches will continue to grow. Consequently, Google will do everything within its powers to continue improving local search experience.

My Honest Opinion on this

To take advantage of this new change, businesses should work towards managing and improving their reputation. Those businesses ignoring this will be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Getting more reviews is important for your business and I highly recommend a review widget. Through this small piece of code placed on your website, you will be able to get more positive reviews on platforms such as Facebook, Google and Yelp. Additionally, it filters out the negative reviews hence improving positive experience to your website users. What more can you ask for?

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