A New Journey – Something New

Hey Everyone!

I’ve set out to accomplish something new with my life. Very recently I’ve given notice to my business partners over at Blue Box Interactive that I’m leaving the company in pursuit of something new. While ‘something new’ isn’t yet fully defined I’m very excited at what life has ahead of me.

I’ve been working with the guys over at Blue Box for years and have learned so much through the opportunities that have presented themselves. I’ve come away with a strong knowledge of the web design/development industry and I’m ready to use those skills towards my own business ventures. So far ‘something new’ is a pursuit of a business I’ve named Vista Flipper. With Vista Flipper I plan to build a lifestyle business that is focused on the buying and selling of common items you can find all around you. For the first several months this will include selling books on Amazon. I plan to learn the inside tricks of how to buy and sell books in order to make a profit. Once I’ve learned what I need there I’ll use those skills to sell other items on Amazon such as Electronics, Printer Ink, and more.

This is all very exciting because part of creating my book business will involve hiring sourcers to help me buy books all over the US. I plan on utilizing the skills I’ve learned in the past to build an online application which will allow my sourcers to submit new books, watch resources, and work directly within my Amazon account. I’ve also launched a new website called Vista Flipper where I purchase books from those in the San Diego area who are looking to cash in on books they may no longer need.

Another quick side business I’ve started running involves selling T-Shirts on Amazon/Etsy of famous office quotes/moments in T-Shirt form. You can check out my Etsy store and Facebook by clicking on those links.

This website will be used in order to show my future freelance clients work I’ve done previously as well as to inform them how I can help them out with their own eCommerce/WordPress sites.


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