Linkedin has a New Feature, which can Expand your Reach!

LinkedIn has extensively updated its news feed feature. This feature is useful to those users who intend to increase their online presence. Looking at the right-hand side of your page, there is a box saying “What People Are Talking About” as well as some trending and breaking news stories.

In this section, the stories appearing here are top professional news and conversations of the day. LinkedIn’s news editors select these stories. This feature increases your online presence through leveraging data on and off LinkedIn. Stories appearing in this section top professional news and conversations of the day. These stories are selected by LinkedIn’s news editors, leveraging data on and off LinkedIn. With the help of this new feature, you can increase your online presence.

Here is how you can use it for your benefit

You can use this feature to generate sales leads:

If notice that the news feed topic or news is of interest to you or your expertise, just join the discussion. It is simple! You can achieve a lot by adding a comment on the topics that interest you. This feature also allows for the addition of a link to a video, blog post or any material which is relevant to that particular topic.

An appropriate hashtag is assigned to your status by LinkedIn and then it is grouped together with other similar posts. This is a great way to share your expertise and views on any trending topic with people and grab their attention while increasing your online presence?

You can use this feature for 1-on-1 personalized marketing on LinkedIn:

Yes, that is true. The new update allows direct interaction between you and your target audience. Through this interaction, you can showcase your thoughts and influence the target audience with the value and services you are offering. Sharing your own content, article or podcast is also possible and this will offer value to this platform.

This feature will help you to get new business!

Using this feature will give your business an opportunity to grow. Through building connectivity with professionals in your industry, your business will be noticed by many people.  It is important to always make sure that your profile is attractive as people will look at it to get more information about you.